Free Parent DIY Mindset Coaching Call

As the mom to a tween girl and practitioner of positive psychology and learned optimism, I am glad you are here. Welcome to Girl Guide Coaching where teaching tweens & teens girls tools for increased confidence, optimism & resilience reigns supreme. We welcome you to book a one-on-one call to learn more about our philosophy and our approach to guiding girls from a negative mindset to a positive mindset. Our girls are in more need than ever for support and a positive voice to cheer them on and help them reach the next level; whatever that level may be. We meet your girl where she is and guide her to a more positive place. We work with girls ages 10-14 years old.

If your goal is a positive, happy tween or teen girl, you are in the right place.

If nothing works with your schedule, click here to contact me.

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