Helping Neurodiverse Girls Shine!

Has Your Girl Lost Her Sparkle?​

Help her to shine bright again

According to the authors of “Confidence Code for Girls” a young girls self-esteem peaks at 8 years old. Girls are being hit with marketing messages that convey impossible standards of beauty, unobtainable wealth standards and sexualization from all forms of media. It’s no wonder that a recent study by The Dove Foundation found that 70% of girls believe they are not good enough. 70%; wrap your head around that.

The media isn’t the only outlet responsible for the drastic dip in confidence in girls, there are organic factors to blame as well. Consider the unfettered access to social media, YouTube and the internet coupled with the social and emotional pressures of middle school and puberty; the results are confusing and toxic. While our tween and teen girls may act more mature than their years, they are still children and their brains are not equipped to process and regulate the feelings of inferiority and shame that are a natural result of the unattainable standards they feel they must reach.  

If your girl has social and emotional challenges related to Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, learning delays or other neurodivergent diagnosis, the impacts on her self-esteem and on your family’s day to day life have likely led you to my practice. For this group of girls the challenges are more complex and rooted in the knowing that they are different from their peers. Intervention can help these girls shine. 

The facts are bleak, but far from insurmountable. There are countless resources available to you and your daughter all geared toward helping her develop a growth mindset, re-framing negative thought patterns and an unshakable confidence in herself. 

Though my journey was born out of confusion and worry as a Mother, our story is a much happier one these days. Sharing the concepts and methods that have used to achieve life changing results for my daughter and the girls I’ve coached is my absolute joy. 

Helping Girls Shine Bright Again!

As parents, we play a critical role in our daughter’s lives by taking on a proactive role in helping her build positive mental scaffolding in her tween and teenage years that will follow her into adulthood. As a mindset coach, I help guide girls to develop a positive mindset, increased self-confidence, and become excited about her life and the bright future that is ahead.

If your goal is a positive, happy tween or teen girl, you are in the right place. While working to change negative thought patterns, I use scientifically proven methodologies to build self-confidence, self-acceptance, and foster a growth mindset that are a statistically proven path away from depression. Mindset matters and your daughter will be a happier, more confident girl because of your dedication to finding resources to support her.

Building Empowered Girls Starts Here

Girl Guide’s program was built with girls and parents in mind. Just because we are doing important work, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! With weekly challenges we take on a different topics that build the needed scaffolding to develop (or strengthening) a growth mindset, reframing negative thought patterns, increase self-confidence and re-enforcing a strong sense of self.  With this outcome in mind, parents can look forward to frequent updates on weekly challenge topics along with practical ways to support daughters along the way. All of Girl Guide’s programs are based in the sciences with statistically proven paths away from depression. 

Give her the Confidence to Speak Up


I teach tools & tactics so your daughter will feel empowered to speak her mind in any situation.

Replace the Negative self-talk loop


Self-Love, self-acceptance & positive self-talk are at the heart of Girl Guide’s Programs.

Mind-set Matters-eliminate Limiting Beliefs


I teach how to flip the script and empower tweens & teens to live their best and most confident lives. 

The Tools She Needs to Shine

No matter if it’s with my program or another approach I congratulate you for beginning this journey. There will be no journey quite as important, or rewarding, as guiding your daughter to discover her more confident and authentic self. 

If you are ready to learn more, reach out and schedule a call. A brighter future for your daughter is possible and is just a call away. During this free call, I will share my top Parent DIY Mindset tools that you begin using today.  Click below to schedule.

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